Restoration Levels

Huffman Vintage Motorcycle Restoration tailors to many different levels of motorcycle restoration.  Cost & completion time depend on the extent of the restoration, availability of parts, and repairs needed.

•  Concours Restorations with 100% historical accuracy and show ready (not meant to be ridden except at shows)
1 year+ for completion with 100 to 200+ labor hours
•  Historical Historically accurate, cosmetically attractive, and ready to ride
9 months to 1 year for completion with 65 to 100+ hours labor
•  Custom Customized projects to owner specifications
Up to 1 year+ for completion with 40 to 100+ labor hours
•  Rider Looks good and is mechanically sound
4 to 8 months for completion with 30 to 75+ labor hours

Our hourly motorcycle labor rate is $80

Dates of completion and labor are estimates only and will vary with each project and level of restoration. At Huffman Restorations we take pride in all of our work, no matter how large or small the project. Our services require sufficient time to test ride and fine tune the motorcycles before being signed off on for release.

Written Estimate

Our written estimate is an outline detailing how we plan to restore your motorcycle.  Upon arrival we will inspect your motorcycle to determine all mechanical and safety issues, followed by a cosmetic inspection.  We try to anticipate all labor and parts, but there is a buffer of +/- 20% (basket cases are up to 40%). All estimates are good for 60 days from date of preparation.

Our Estimate Fee, paid in advance, is:
$90 for mechanical only service or restoration
$180 for mechanical & cosmetic service or restoration

Payment for fee can be made via cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover or PayPal. If you agree to the estimate, and the total cost exceeds allow $250, the estimate fee will be credited to your invoice. All estimates are prepared in 2 weeks time and upon completion you will receive the estimate via email. Motorcycles must be present in our shop for estimates.  (Estimate fee is non-refundable)

Service Agreement

Estimates are Restoration Agreements detailing the financial obligation and time frame for completion of the project.  Financial information includes the deposit, which is the price of all the parts required + 20% of the labor cost.  We also include a detailed monthly payment schedule, due dates, and an approximate completion date.  Monthly payment amounts are determined by dividing the estimated cost after the deposit and 20% labor cost by the number of months the project is estimated to be finished.  Once the bike has been completed, it will be released after the final payment is received. Failure to make the scheduled monthly payments will result in immediate termination of the project with no refund of payments or deposit.